AI PLANET 2018-2019

Use several collage gif animations to create detailed scenes of the world where artificial intelligence and human beings living together, depicting the various sides of the dystopian world in a surreal style.


This is a completely dystopian society, human’s dominion over the world is deprived of by artificial intelligence, and human beings become second-class citizens. All the rules of the world are set by artificial intelligence, and the goal of human life is to think the way artificial intelligence thinks. Humans have tacitly accepted this kind of world rule and the world history is moving towards the direction as artificial intelligence likes.

In this world, real people can’t see each other, they can only see their smart partners. Only when one person is up to the AI standardization can he be seen by other real people.


1) The human woman htt9UR (identity number) is gently awakened from her dream by her intelligent boyfriend Alexander (nickname given to the robot by htt9UR), and half awake Htt9UR hears Alexander humming a song she likes.

The music wake-up service is one of Alexander's basic functions. When htt9UR is more awake, Alexander will send good morning kisses and the following daily positive suggestion in accordance with the computer programming.

The content of psychological suggestion is set by users themselves, htt9UR sets it: There are many people praise me and envy me every day to go further to achieve AI standardization.

But in fact, the smart companions they use had already been initially hinted when they were delivered to them. The reason why real people have regarded passing the AI standardized examination as their life goal is because they have accepted the psychological suggestion given by their smart partners.

2) A yellow patent leather one-piece garment is handed over by Alexander, this garment was bought by htt9UR according to Alexander’s preference. In fact, all htt9UR’s clothes are purchased according to Alexander’s preferences.

People who have the opportunity to be appreciated by others are rare, and fashion taste is almost monopolized by intelligent people.

3) htt9UR’s room occupies a small area, but it is powerful in function due to the application of VR technology. htt9UR has upgraded the sports equipment in the room recently.

It’s fitness time, htt9UR stands on the moving surface and turns on the room panorama VR mode. She is suddenly in a huge ravine, with a waterfall behind her. The water has just begun to fall from the sky, and htt9UR begins to run quickly towards the downstream. The flash flickered, and from the front, captured a scene of a woman running for life in the moment of the falling of the surging waterfall. After a few flashes, the running speed of htt9UR gradually slows down, and the water flows from turbulent to rapid to flowing. When htt9UR stopped completely, special effect of water spray just hits her entire back gently, and the camera also very dedicatedly captured the end of the movement.

“You are so beautiful even when you are running”, Alexander’s voice comes. Apparently his electronic brain had received the pictures captured by the camera in real time. Alexander praises and uses the processor to help htt9UR beautify the image, edit the copy and then publish it directly to social platforms.

4) Chips are implanted in the back of all real human necks to mark identity, location, and provide knowledge for the brain. In ancient times, human beings needed to go to elementary school, junior high school, high school and college, but today's society is not. All the basic knowledge is introduced into the chip and sent to the human brain.

Because practical knowledge can be transmitted to the brain through the chip, the current school is set up to control people’s value conception system. Training contains two parts:

1. To train human emotion feedback on different events, that is, to unify human moral judgment.

2. To regulate interpersonal communication, bring it closer to AI standards, make it perfect, and make every human being liked.

During the course, htt9UR wears VR glasses and appears in a virtual face-to-face teaching platform.

Cognitive Management Course:

Under the leadership of the AI teacher, humans have entered the opposite simulated environments and accepted different feeling suggestions. For example, today's content is a review of emotional judgments about disorder. htt9UR entered the virtual space with the scattered crowd. In this space, when the hot sun is high in the sky, htt9UR starts to keep sweating as soon as she enters. A group of noisy people, like ants on a hot pan, look for exits in different directions in the red space. The noisy crowded space began to emit a foul odor, and htt9UR became thirsty and even dizzy. But she is a good student with determination and resolution. In shouts of "too noisy" "like headless fishes" "I can't find my way" "If we all go in one direction, everyone does not have to squeeze, we can escape this ghost place faster!" " "We need order" and other shouts, htt9UR endured discomfort, trying not to be birds of a feather flock together and enter into the team of yelling and complaining, and she repeatedly emphasized this aversion in her heart, in order to deepen the hatred of all things without rules .

The scene changed after the prescribed time. Now htt9UR is methodically moving forward in an orderly line, the temperature starts to be cool, the exhaust vent opens, light fragrance in the space after all the turbid air is emitted. They hear the trickle of water, htt9UR with a dry mouth knows that as long as the team walks to the exit in an orderly manner, there will be water to drink. Order brings hope to humanity, and order helps humanity to get what it seeks as soon as possible.

Behavior Regulation Course:

Under the organization of the intelligent teacher, each group of humans performs communication simulations. The AI teacher co-ordinates the overall monitoring and judgment of the behavior of multiple groups of students, and at the same time, score the language content, facial expressions, physical movements and other revealed signs of every communication of each student. As the communication progresses, the score of each student is also refreshed dynamically on the electronic panel.

5) In the reproduction workstation, the intelligent worker presses the button, and a row of freezer behind it automatically opens.

Freezers store a sufficient amount of good-quality male sperm. Donating sperm at least once between the ages of 20 and 30 is the right and obligation of a healthy male person. Correspondingly, the rights and obligations of all healthy women are to have at least once artificial insemination between the ages of 20 and 30. The incumbent gives subsidies to donor sperm and artificial insemination every time. The male subsidy is determined according to the quality ranking of the same batch of donated sperm. If women give birth to human babies safely, the subsidies are the same and they are all very high. If there are dystocia or other emergencies beyond their control at the time of delivery that cause the fetal death, there will still be subsidies, but they are relatively small. If the miscarriage is caused by the mother's own factors, the woman needs to compensate the state for a fee.

However, if a healthy person fails to fulfill their reproductive obligations within the required age, the executive officer will block them at the age of 31 and release them until the age of 36, and will disqualify them from taking the AI standardized examination for life.

6) Compared with the old supervision model, contemporary prisoners have more room for movement, and prisoners can roam freely in the neighborhood where they live. Outgoing designated areas requires identity permits, and prisoners are deprived of that right by the system.

hbk (human prisoner) is constantly controlled whereabouts by the supervisor AI while walking on the street. All stores are maintained and operated by intelligent systems, and even shop assistants are intelligent people. All shops are closed to prisoners. In hbk's eyes, the glass windows of the shops under these intelligent controls are dense and opaque, and the contents behind the glass windows are covered by black. He can't try to walk into a certain store, because the permission is denied, the store door will not only be closed for him, but also trigger the chip inside the human body to respond, causing the chip behind his neck to punish the offender by releasing current.